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WCO #6 (2020) Prize Ceremony - Nortrom - 12-25-2020 12:05 AM

WCO #6 (2020) Prize Ceremony
Today, at the 24th of December 2020, the decisive match between Josephwhite and Morx was played.
Prior to this round, we had three players battling it out for the WCO title [Henry Domerkant, Morx, Josephwhite] for a preview of this round with paths to victory for all players involved click here
Following the upset Losermaker pulled off against Henry Domerkant, we now had two players remaining in the race for the title. 
For those who want to see the results in a video form, which was also featured during a stream earlier

For those wanting to see the final top three, without further ado:
The results of the top three can, despite not all games having been played yet, not be altered anymore. When all games have been played, the final standings will be published.
We hope everyone has had a pleasant tournament.
WCO Team 2020
(Losermaker, Morx, Nortrom, Sevenseas, Texaspete09)